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Simple product

Aco nudges customers to add the product to cart with a human touch. Even customers don’t respond to its query, the conversion rate would increase as the message affects their psychology and behavior. After the product is added to cart, Aco continues to ask if customers want to view cart, pushing them to go through your sales funnel.

During the interaction, Aco also encourages customers to ask questions and does its best to give them instant answers. When customers have a question, they often don’t bother to use the contact form to contact you, thinking the response would be slow or the question is too trivial to be worthy of communications. Now Aco helps your customers with this.

Experience it

When Aco asks if you want to add the product to cart,

  1. Reply “Yes” and Aco will add it to cart for you.
  2. It will then ask if you want to view cart.
  3. Reply “Yes” to view cart or “no” to continue shopping.

You either click a button or type text to respond to Aco.


  • WooCommerce: Creating a simple product.
  • Acobot: No setup is required.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 1.4 × 1 in


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