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Grouped product

Grouped Products increase sale value by allowing the customer to add products from a range, or a couple of products from within a range, to their cart on one page instead of navigating to several different pages to do so.

Aco boosts the conversions rate of grouped products by helping customers set a quantity for all items of grouped products, conversationally. Doing so, it not only saves customers several clicks but also gets a chance to nudge customers to add the products to cart.

Furthermore, if the grouped product includes any items on sale, Aco also reminds customers the potential saving, creates a sense of urgency by implying the limited availability of sale price, and encourages them to take action.

Experience it

When you open a page for grouped products like this, Aco will ask what is your preferred quantity for the items.

  1. Enter a number and Aco will set all quantity fields for you.
  2. Aco will then ask if you want to view cart.
  3. Reply “Yes” to view cart or “no” to continue shopping.

Try it

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